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Welcome to CHN

Community Hubs Network (North East) or “CHN” for short, is an association of freelance creative professionals. We come together to create and deliver projects and programmes across the North East (although our reach is sometimes much farther!). Our aim is to help community organisations work together for mutual benefit.

Community Interest Company

CHN is set up as a community interest company. This basically means our primary focus MUST be on achieving benefit for the community. While we DO take on research and development work for corporate clients, our primary remit is to serve not-for-profit groups and organisations.


CHN is flexible, and can respond to all sorts of requests and ideas. We provide admin support, development planning, project management and fundraising services. Our team consists of fundraising specialists, designers, film-makers, coordinators, and financial administrators.

Associates Programme

CHN lies ‘dormant’ between projects to reduce overheads (and preserve funds!). We constantly look for projects to support however, and due to our Associates Programme we are able to spring to life quickly. Whether you need a finance officer for one week, or an artist for one day, we maintain a database of qualified individuals. We also take on people right at the beginning of their careers and help raise their profiles and skill set. Ultimately the Associates Programme aims to help those involved secure paid work.

If you are interested in becoming one of our associates, please write to us to let us know what your skills are and what ideas you might like to develop via:

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